A reader chooses where to find meaning consciously and unconsciously. Endlessly.

Code is the Barthian knife through the author’s heart,

A separating lens (in pixel) sights the poets process outside the self.

The writing is done off the page—out of the mind. Unthinking

Eclipsed by non-structure, the myriad of lexicons and receptions, the nexus for conscious and

Non — this is not a pipe.


Word sets live.

The reader awakes.


In The Reader Awakes I have adapted and reworked a reimplementation of Alison Knowles and James Tunney’s original framework/concept/generative poem. With the help of Nick Montfort’s book Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities (Nick Montfort MIT 2016). I have tweaked the code of the reimplementation (done in JavaScript and Html) and created my own word sets. Material, place, light_source and inhabitants — now create a site of overwhelming conceptual collision where reader and author are reflexively one.


A cup comes to life when it performs the function of cup. Are words the same?


House of Dust / Alison Knowles & James Tenney

House of Dust / Reimplementation by Nick M