The secret ingredient—

the dash done, the stitch in time that saves nine, the factor that fires the exponential updraft.

Voice is where everything starts.

  • We’ll have a meeting (Skype / face-time / in person / email tag).

  • I’ll lead you through some stream-like exercises to draw out what it is you want to say.

  • We’ll pick some choice phrases, killer one-liners and image heavy words to narrow it down—don’t worry it doesn’t hurt!

  • I’ll go away to my magic, mountain top writing dojo and train these words in the art of kicking ass, to work for you.

As a deliverable you get—

  • a beautifully formatted PDF individual guide to your voice;

    • complete with Brand and Vision statement,

    • a list of words that summarise how you speak

    • a directive statement that distills the essence of your voice.

Let’s get those words working!

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