Words Wrangled


Windows to Elsewhere

As part of RMITs CRITICAL arts mentorship program I collaborated with renowned Singaporean projection artist Daryl Goh as part of his Windows to Elsewhere show.

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Bakehouse Project

Digital copy for the Profiles section of RMIT Bakehouse project.


Thomas French Profile

The drive back home to Wanneroo always takes a bit longer. There’s a long way to go,
to get things moving in WA, but there’s a change in the air. Instead of arguing with the
TV there will be a new brand of Labor on the road, speaking to the people of Pearce
and their future. “The Australian dream used to be, own your own home. Now Scott
Morrison says it’s to get ahead, but what does get ahead mean? To get ahead of
somebody else, it’s at the cost, at the expense, of somebody else. This is not what
Australia is about, you need to keep Australia fair.”